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Our Services

Who We Serve:

We service adults with a primary residential address in Arkansas, Missouri, Iowa, or Georgia.

We also provide supervision for those pursing licensure for clinical social work in Missouri, Arkansas, Iowa, and Georgia.

At this time, we do not serve anyone under the age of 18 years old.

Accepted Insurance:

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield

  • United Healthcare

  • Ambetter

  • QualChoice



Costs vary based on your insurance company’s contract.  Each client’s insurance will be verified, and fees required will be explained prior to scheduling the first session.  For those using personal funds for payment, sessions are $160 per therapeutic hour (typically a therapeutic hour is 53 minutes).

Fees for clinical supervision are based on the number of people interested in supervision at one time.  Please contact us for more information about supervision fees.

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What To Expect

You will be contacted via telephone to get an initial understanding of what you need from therapy.  You will then be emailed a link to complete paperwork via a secure electronic portal.  The information gathered is used to inform treatment.  You will provide a form of payment including a credit/debt card for copayment/coinsurance and your insurance information for billing.  This information is stored securely for future use. 


We will verify your insurance information and inform you of expected out of pocket fees, if any.  We will then schedule an initial appointment.  You will be sent a link for your virtual appointment a few days before your session, and again the day of your session. 


We will ask about any changes to insurance prior to each appointment.  We will also collect any fees or payments at the beginning of each session.  The initial appointment is a time for you to share what is bringing you to seek therapy.  It is a time for you to get to know me as well.  I will share information about my therapeutic approach, and what to expect from me.  We will create goals and work collaboratively toward them to help you realize your golden life.


Each session moving forward, you’ll provide information about how things are going in your life, and we’ll use that information to make adjustments as we go along.  Some people find it useful to make notes prior to coming to session; however, you do what’s best for you.


We’ll work together for as long as it takes to get you feeling better.  However, I am mindful that some insurance companies place limits on the number of sessions per year people may attend; therefore, we’ll do our best to maximize the time your insurance company allows so that you can get to your golden life as quickly as possible.


Eventually, its time to say goodbye.  We’ll both decide on the best time to end sessions.  My hope is that you work me out of a job, in the sense that you will be fully equipped to manage your golden life using the tools you have learned in session.


Don’t fret.  You can always come back.  Should a new life milestone occur, or you find yourself unexpectedly triggered by a life event, you are always welcome back for booster sessions or to start a whole new process aimed at a different circumstance.  Life is ever evolving, and we are here to help you stay golden all along the way.


Therapeutic Approach:

We use a person centered, person-in-the-environment approach to treatment.  Each person has unique lived experiences, perspectives, and life circumstances that influence the way they perceive the world.  If you’ve made it this far in life, you’ve done something right.  We build upon those successful decisions to assist you in making more successful decisions, eventually helping you craft a life that is worth living – a golden life.  Our integrative approach pulls from many different therapeutic techniques.  What works for one person, may not work well for another, so we use a collection of techniques tailored for each person.

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