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About Golden Life Therapy and Wellness

Vision Statement:

Golden Life Therapy and Wellness services will be the premier psychotherapy service provider of choice for working adults by providing convenient, accessible, and comfortable sessions that get professionals back to living their passions.


Mission Statement:

Golden Life Therapy and Wellness Services helps you create your own version of a golden life experience through telehealth psychotherapy services during hours convenient to the working adult.  Our accessible evening and weekend schedule allows you to finally put yourself first.  We provide you an opportunity to set aside a dedicated time to craft a golden life that looks exactly how you envision it through a personalized therapeutic plan.

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My Story

Golden Life Therapy and Wellness Services, LLC cracks the urgent problem facing busy working adults: access to psychotherapy services during evenings and weekends. I am woman owned, minority led business that creates safe spaces to explore mental health and wellness issues during hours convenient to the working adult. I have over 12 years of expert experience and knowledge in mental health. I have had the privilege of providing social support and psychotherapy to active-duty service members of the United States Army, United States Veterans of the Armed Forces, adults experiencing severe mental illness in state mental hospitals, and working with incarcerated individuals in a state prison. I have a wealth of diverse clinical experiences that I use as tools to support each client’s progress in their own individualized journey. I am licensed to independently practice psychotherapy as a clinical social worker in Arkansas, Missouri, Iowa, and Georgia.


I am passionate about mental wellness because I have been a client of such services myself. I will never forget one of the most terrifying experiences of my life. I was out to lunch with two friends. We had just ordered the appetizers. I blinked, and when I opened my eyes, about five people were looking down at me. I was on the concrete, surrounded by shattered glass, and my entire body was aching. I was told I had a seizure. That seizure was a result of pushing aside my mental and physical health because I was prioritizing my job. It was in that moment, I knew something had to change. I began my own journey to find a therapist. Even as a therapist, I knew I needed the support. The problem I faced time and time again, was that no one offered hours in the evening or on the weekends for sessions in my area. I still remember how exhausted I felt calling therapist, after therapist, only to find out their hours wouldn’t accommodate my needs. I felt defeated. I finally found the help I needed. Once, I healed myself, I knew I needed to help create a solution. My private practice offers therapy for the working adult at hours that will accommodate their busy schedule.


Our Values


GLTWS uses Health Information Portability Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliant software, electronic medical record systems, communication, and payment systems.



GLTWS uses nonjudgmental language and allows people to be the expert in their own lives.  GLTWS ensures therapeutic sessions are delivered in a private virtual space with no distractions.



GLTWS works diligently to be a good steward of your time by ensuring you are getting the most out of your sessions and that you are getting the maximum benefit allowed by your insurance company.  GLTWS will utilize community resources to amplify your strengths and bolster your self-efficacy.



Management will provide accessibility tools to support overcoming any barriers to access to treatment. Diversity of all kinds is encouraged.

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